Friday, October 20th, 2017

Getting Google Traffic (How SEO Has Changed)


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The past and future of search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking suggestions. See summary for pens and links.

What Utilized to Job (2000-2010) 0:36
2011: 3 Huge Panda Updates 3:36
2011: Conjecture Regarding Google's Motives 6:00
2012: Penguin Update and also Exactly what it Geared 7:03
2013: What Google Wants Moving forward 12:59
Large Update Coming 17:50

The Basics of SEO

Ways to Arrangement Google Authorship


35 Responses to “Getting Google Traffic (How SEO Has Changed)”
  1. Lisa Irby says:

    What Google Wants! The Evolution of SEO – Chalkboard Style!

    • Jodie Jenkins says:

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      Absolutely recommended. Simply strive every measure to make your website to
      be the very first position on search engine.

  2. Art Barnett says:

    well that is 21 mins of my life I can never get back

    • Art Barnett says:

      I do like the videos keep it up
      also have you ever watched I like to make stuff his name is bob and his
      channel is pretty good

    • Lisa Irby says:

      It’s all good. I have been told my videos are a bit chatty before, and
      always try to take constructive criticism. I’ve been working on that, and
      if you watch future vids, you’ve noticed I’m not nearly as chatty. It’s a
      learning process indeed. At the same time, it’s also hard to make a video
      that everyone’s going to like. So it’s about a balance. But as I said, it’s
      not the first time I’ve heard this so I am more mindful of it now. +Art

    • Art Barnett says:

      I’m sorry I was in a bad mood and well as I found the subject interesting
      it was just way to much back story I do like your videos and find them

    • Lisa Irby says:

      +Art Barnett You enjoyed it that much huh? lol Awwwww well…. Can’t please
      em all, as they say. 🙂

  3. jie yang says:

    where and how did you find this greenboard and use it?
    MAN, i should investigate on youtube first for the knowledge of web.

  4. Leslie Carmody CHt. says:

    Love your information, very helpful.

  5. Kim George says:

    Great Video Lisa! Thanks so much for putting this together. I shared this
    via Google+ to show others that diversification is key these days with SEO.

  6. sari saria says:

    Doing SEO for a YouTube video much…much easier than doing SEO for a
    blog/website. That’s the reason why I’m using video marketing. With a tool
    I can generate 2,000+ unique visitors per day to my website.

  7. Muhammad Shahrukh says:

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  8. dailycurlz says:

    wqooo. this is like $300 value class, thank you so much +Lisa Irby 

  9. Marketing Digest says:

    This is very informative, Lisa. Thanks!

  10. SEBAI LAKHDAR says:

    Loved the interview. In particular I thought her points about the hard work
    required to be a successful self-publisher were spot on. I’m still
    investigating everything required for me to successfully self-publish and
    the tasks are sometimes overwhelming. I also liked her points on the need
    for professional editing, namely that it brings a book up to a minimum
    standard and that professionals can find mistakes that authors don’t even
    know to look for.

  11. Suresh Roy says:

    Great job! Lots of interesting tips and advice about getting traffic to
    your website! :)

  12. Suresh Roy says:

    Great job! Lots of interesting tips and advice about getting traffic to
    your website! :)

  13. Charlie Sill says:

    Lisa, I love your penguin! LOL

  14. seo seo says:

    Ok Lisa… Thank you for youre informations. But what about youre 1431
    links? Total 9926? Every person who watched this video; please atention!
    Link building is very important. But manuel workout and stability is
    important. Take every day 1, 2, 3 or 5 links. Today 10 links and 1 month
    later 20 links. That will be look unnatural. Stability is a natural way to
    build links. And Lisa; SEO is not only for blogs or forums. What about
    e-commerce? E-commerce SEO strategies are completely different. The are lot
    of types of websites on the net. Please atention. Everyone can try it.
    Choose a html and css clean script, choose a fast server and create uniqe
    content. Follow the criterias to creat qualty content. And wait to be
    ranked. You will wait a long time…

    • seo seo says:

      +Lisa Irby İ agree. But if we are talking about SEO, then we are talking
      about time. Why should a website need SEO? Because the owner wants to earn
      money. And if we want to earn money in the real world, we should do all the
      organisation fast. Then if we talk about SEO, we should show people the
      fastest way or ways. You said, i never went after backlinks and i earned
      them. We have to agree that everyone can’t be a good writer or blogger like
      you. İ tried for lot of sites SEO strategies for hard anchor texts. 2-4
      weeks are for the 1. or 2. page enough. SEO is my hobby. SEO is not my job.
      The criterias of the web site are important too. Speed, age, html, css,
      java, server, location and more criterias. But if we don’t target the first
      place, then is SEO very simple. 1. page can be reached in maximum 4 weeks.
      How? Simple. Add content whit following google search engine criterias
      (expl: meta tag, meta discription, title, discritption, unique content and
      200-300 words long article whit enough anchor texts). After the content is
      being indexed by google go bookmarking. Like facebook, tumblr, reddit, digg
      an twitter. And after bookmarking get 1 to 5 quality backlinks to the
      content. On page SEO should be done before. That is all. No one needs more.
      And thank you for youre reply.

    • Lisa Irby says:

      I did another video in 2014 and made more of an emphasis on links. YES
      they are still the lifeblood of SEO. The difference is now the quality of
      links is much more important. Having said that, my natural hair website
      “waited for links” and I never manually created them. I earned them. Is
      that a unique situation for this particular niche? Maybe but I’ve just
      never been one to go after backlinks. I think the keywords you target
      matter too. Most people try to target the wrong phrases. But yes, I
      certainly agree they play a HUGE role and always have. +mustafa seo

  15. Ebay Betty says:

    I used to try this stuff… It works… Moz, Webmaster tools… I used a
    went to GoogleReviewer 5 stars for $5 That was really good..

  16. Lisa Irby says:

    +Sasa Gojic My site ranks well on google for “how to create a website” and
    other terms related to my site. I don’t have a lot of content on search
    engine optimization so it makes sense why I wouldn’t rank well for that
    phrase. I’ve never even targeted that phrase before and wouldn’t expect to
    rank for it.

    • Jason Coyle says:

      +Lisa Irby awesome, thats why I do not subscribe to those bunch of sh**ty
      bulk links. I prefer to get those few quality links than tons of unfriendly
      backlinks. I sometimes do this on my own, but just in a few instances, i’m
      too lazy indeed, but thanks to LInkBoosterz. Com, they have been the big
      bang for me

    • Deny Dane says:

      +Lisa Irby Once you`ve built your site, the next step is to get visitors to
      it. This site is good enough to help you learning how to make your zero
      rank site to be the first rank on search engine. For more information type
      “speed rank seo” on Google.

    • satish k says:

      +Teresa Howard i have one doubt ! that whether you posted your link before
      or after seeing this video.

  17. Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. says:

    A very informative video about the evolution of SEO! This is really
    helpful, Lisa. Thank you!

  18. letion hafijur says:


  19. German Leyva says:

    Very informative video! What do you think about the new algorithm from

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